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Probably The Best ALD news blog. Covering new and old developments in Atomic Layer Deposition and Technology. From BALD Engineering:

SMEs like Beneq – could be the key to Finnish economic success

ALD Equipment Posted on 2014-01-31 14:15:02

YLE reports on the display technology form Finnish ALD Company BENEQ:The Finnish economy is in dire need of new export business. In the past, Finnish exports have mainly been driven by major corporations. However, big company job opportunities are now few and far between. The future seems to lie with smaller export business, such as Beneq, which manufactures see-through displays.

A Beneq see-through display in the hands of the company CEO Sampo Ahonen. [Image from]

Read the full story on

Good news on Cambridge Nanotech

ALD Equipment Posted on 2014-01-31 12:08:56

Art Zafiropoulo , the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Ultratech reported on Cambridge Nanotech integration into Ultratech in a Q4 2013 Results – Earnings Call transcripetd by Seeking Alpha.

“We also integrated our
asset acquisition of Cambridge Nanotechnology. We manufacture the most flexible
and successful atomic layer deposition systems in the world, for use in
research and specific production applications. A total of 370 systems have been
shipped since its inception a few years ago. The most popular models is
Savannah and Fiji were totally updated and redesigned making these more
flexible and serving the global research institutes and university

On the forecast of ALD systems
sales in 2014 he said “This year we’ll be probably in the range of 50
systems…” and he went on “… we hope to diversify more than we are today
and hopefully outside the semiconductor industry and my objective is to move
into the medical field and the MEMS area and sensors if we can.”

The complete transcript of the
call is available here: Seeking Alpha

For all ALD maniacs out there I can realy recomend to spend some time on Cambridge Nanotech´s web – it is realy informative : Cambridge Nanotech. Especially interesting is the Knowledge center with customer papers, tutorials an more. Earlier they used to have a very good Abstract database but I have not been able to locate that one since Ultratech bought them.

Here you can read more about their well known ALD systems:

Lab ALD – The Savannah
PEALD – The Fiji
Batch ALD – The Phoenix

JUSUNG ENGINEERING to introduce ‘Space Divided Plasma System’

ALD Equipment Posted on 2014-01-30 15:57:47

AVING NET reports that JUSUNG ENGINEERING( to introduce its semiconductor product including ‘Space Divided Plasma System'(SDP), which features largely three functions which are ‘ALD’, ‘CVD’ and ‘Treatment’ for Nitridation, Oxidation and Doping. The system is capable to go through the process of ordinary PECVD, LPCVD and Defusion Furnishing, which can solve wafer damage problem by plasma.

Image from AVING NET – Jusung SDP – Space Divided Plasma System

SEMICON Korea 2014

▶ February 12(Wen) – 14(Fri), 2014

▶ Venue: Hall A, B, C, D 1F&3F, COEX, Seoul, Korea

▶ Program: Exhibition, SEMI Technology Symposium

▶ Program: Press Conference, imec Technology Forum, Keynote Speech, Executive Forum, SEMI Technology Symposium(STS), LED Korea Conference 2014.

▶ Organized by: SEMI (Semiconductor Equipment and Material International)

LAM Research sees a transition to single wafer atomic layer deposition (ALD) tools for multi-patterning as the film conformality and uniformity requirements increase

ALD Equipment Posted on 2014-01-30 12:58:23

As reported by Seeking
Alpha – Lam Research Management Discusses Q2 2014 Results – Earnings Call
Transcript :

“In DRAM, the number of multi-patterning
steps more than doubles with the transition to 20-nanometer going from 3 or 4
in a mid-2x device to between 8 and 10 at 20-nanometer, with the same evidence
of upsize on number of passes. You should expect more specificity from Lam on
this in the coming quarters. This transition also presents growth opportunities for our deposition business. Many of the spacer-based, multi-patterning deposition steps can be done with batch variances today. However, customers are evaluating or starting to transition these steps to single wafer atomic layer deposition, or ALD tools, as the film conformality and uniformity requirements increased.”

Access the full transcript thru Seeking Alpha

Jan. 29, 2014 9:50 PM ET

A Fully-Integrated Quartz Crystal Controller for Thin Film Deposition from Colnatec

ALD Equipment Posted on 2014-01-12 00:37:07

Housing leading-edge technology derived from Colnatec’s Eon™ frequency-temperature compensating circuitry, the Millennium™ Controller is an ultra-high resolution thin film deposition control system packaged into a standard 19-inch rackmount enclosure and featuring a versatile touch screen display.

Incorporating the same technology as the Eon-LT™, the Millennium™ offers a temperature measuring film thickness controller built into a modular framework. The Millennium™ controller, which is designed with the same level of dependability and precision of all Colnatec products, supports up to four sources and sensors (2 standard), co-deposition functionality, real-time frequency-temperature curve generation, and 500°C crystal operation.

Here are all the details: LINK

A new review paper on ALD on particles

ALD Equipment Posted on 2014-01-11 23:36:14

Here is a new review paper on ALD on particles with special focus on the reactor designs – very interesting topic.

Reactor concepts for atomic layer deposition on agitated particles: A review

Delphine Longrie, Davy Deduytsche and Christophe Detavernier
J. Vac. Sci. Technol. A 32, 010802 (2014)

The article covers, agitation or fluidization of the particles is necessary for performing ALD on (nano)particles. The principles of gas fluidization of particles will be outlined, and a classification of the gas fluidization behavior of particles based on their size and density will be given. Following different reactor concepts that have been designed to conformally coat (nano)particles with ALD will be described, and a concise overview will be presented of the work that has been performed with each of them ending with a concept reactor for performing spatial ALD on fluidized particles.

A. Particles supported in a grid
B. Particles contained in a crucible
1. Calculations for particles contained in a crucible
A. Fundamentals
B. Classification of fluidized particles
A. Rotary reactor for thermal ALD on particles
B. Rotary reactor for plasma-enhanced ALD on particles

Veeco Promo Video for FAST-ALD(TM)

ALD Equipment Posted on 2014-01-11 22:35:40

Veeco Instruments Inc. announced in end of 2013 that they have signed an agreement to acquire privately held Synos Technology, Inc. It seems that it is a done deal today and therefore Veeco recently reported on the Key Benefits of FAST-ALD(TM), a type of Spatial ALD:

– Ultra-fast ALD process with continuous substrate scan
– Large substrate scalability without losing process throughput
– Excellent uniformity with closed loop linear reactor design
– Low CoO with high efficient gas-solid reaction process
– Simultaneous In-line multi-process capability
Screen dump from 2014-01-12

See more and watch an amazing Veeco Promo Video for FAST-ALD(TM) for Flexible OLED Display at LINK

Spatial ALD is big business today. You can assume that it is contributing to the growth in the ALD market that has been and is forecasted to come the next 5 years. Therefore, stay tuned here on the Best ALD News Blog, information on other Spatial ALD Companies, Innovations and Technologies will be updated:

– Spatial ALD papers, Spatial ALD research from TNO and others
– First spatial patents and very recent patents
– Kodak
– Solaytec
– Jusung
– Levitech
– Beneq
– Roll to Roll Spatial ALD

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